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“The Only
Source of Knowledge
is Experience.”
 - Albert Einstein -
Why choose M. Geller? Let’s start with one of the most
well respected and established names in the diamond
wholesale industry. Since 1984, when Marc Geller founded
the company, our growth has been based upon our clients’
trust to fulfill their special order needs. We’ve continued to
earn that trust by consistently providing the highest level of
product knowledge and an unmatched single source inventory.
M. Geller successfully combines these key elements to offer
the best selection and service available for you,
the jewelry retailer:

•    M. Geller, Ltd. has assembled an unprecedented inventory
     of more than 40,000 certified loose diamonds.

•    We provide qualified retailers with access to our inventory
     directly from our web site—updated daily. Now you and
     your sales associates will have a dynamic tool that provides
     a more efficient and productive search for the right stone
     for your customer.

•    M. Geller, Ltd. is the only wholesaler in the industry that
     can provide you with both, a vast inventory of certified
     diamonds and, e-commerce programs that integrate
     seamlessly with your web site.
Service and Support

•    We understand that your customers demand responsiveness,
     and competitive pricing. Our diamond experts will work in
     tandem with your sales associates efforts to ensure your
     customers’ satisfaction.

•    We are able to satisfy over 98% of our clients’ loose
     diamond requests in as little as 24 hours—and usually within
     no more than 48 hours.

•    M. Geller’s diamond experts represent over 150 years in
     collective experience and have an established reputation
     for outstanding customer service.

•    A benefit unique to M. Geller is our ability to provide you
     with data and performance analysis that can give you the
     insight you need in order to make decisions about product
     focus and the effectiveness of our program as an
     integral part of your store’s selling effort.

•    We also provide your staff with supplemental materials
     which can be used to help sharpen their diamond knowledge
     and more effectively qualify a jewelry customer.

Find out why we are your preferred choice for memo and
e-commerce programs. Register with us for access to our
inventory listing.

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