M. Geller Testimonials

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“With the help of M. Geller, BVW Jewelers has become the leading source for Lab Grown Diamonds in Northern Nevada. The associates at M.Geller strive to make sure your customer finds what they are looking for, and with a the largest selection of stones, I can usually have the diamonds in my hands the next day. M.Geller and their courteous and exceptional staff make it easy to shine to your customers…as a winner of Americas Coolest Stores, I should know!”

By: Britten Wolf, BVW Designs

“Smart Jewelers has been doing business with M. Geller for over 30 years. In that time, they have been our main diamond supplier. Their knowledgeable staff and service that they provide is second to none. We rarely have to look elsewhere to fulfill our customers' requests. We are also a large supporter of lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds have been a significant portion of our diamond sales since we started carrying them about 18 months ago. Geller's inventory and availability of lab grown diamonds expands daily. Marc and staff will do whatever is humanly possible to help make a sale. Diamonds and remounts have become a huge portion of Smart Jewelers total profile. We look forward to expanding that segment of our business with the excellent help of M. Geller, Ltd.”

By: Joel A. Kagan, Smart Jewelers

"Our business relationship with M. Geller started somewhere around 1986. We've worked with them for those 30 years because they always deliver what we need: the stones we ask for at a competitive price with outstanding customer service. Most recently, they brought us on-board with lab-created diamonds, which are now 50% of our diamond sales. That's what it takes to maintain a great partnership!”

By: Mark Urban, Urban Jewelers, Inc.

Since first meeting Zach Grosser and his colleagues at M. Geller Ltd. in early 2014, they have grown to be one of our most significant and relied upon sources for diamonds. Our initial relationship centered around Pure Grown lab-grown diamonds, but has expanded to natural white and fancy diamonds as well. Their inventory rarely gives me cause to search elsewhere for well-cut diamonds. Their on-line tools make searching for and selecting diamonds as easy as can be. Phil, Faustino and Carlos have come to well-understand the type of cutting and clarity I expect on the diamonds we offer at The Gem Lab. When they have several options which may suit my needs, I confidently allow them to make the selection. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

By: Paul R. Cassarino, The Gem Lab

“M. Geller made our decision to delve into the grown diamond world a no brainer for us. They not only took the time to visit with us about our needs and concerns but they actually partnered with us through a generous memo program so we could hit the ground running. If you’re looking for a supplier of grown or mined diamonds, M. Geller won’t let you down.”

By: Van Simpson, Tara & Company Diamonds